How Long Do Braces Take To Put On

Are you going to take braces treatment? If yes, then you must have many queries in your mind. Here we are going to answer one of the important questions that arise in everyone’s mind. The question is- How long do braces take to put on? Well, people always want to get informed about the treatment consequences and its time period. And when we talk about braces then it becomes a more concerning issue. If you are getting braces on your teeth then for sure you will want to know whether it will fit instantly or you will feel pain. In this article, you will know the time braces take to fit onto your teeth. It will help you in remaining comfortable on the first day of braces. So start your tour and get the information below.

How long do Braces take to put on?

The time period depends on the persona and the type of braces they are getting. Normally the time required by the braces to fit properly is 1-2 hours. But the time may exceed if the ailment is severe. Patients do not need to worry as every patient and the mouth is different from each other. So it is better to wait until the whole process is complete. Some of the [patients may feel a lot of pain during the process but it for a short time. The pain will remain in your mouth for about 1-2 days. Also, many patients will face a little hurdle when eating something. A device on your teeth will affect your daily routines as you are not used to this device in your mouth. But the patients get comfortable in just a few hours or 1-2 days.

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Orthodontists usually take less time to put the braces on your teeth. But some issues may increase the timing. And to know about the issues, you should have information on the whole process. Here is the procedure to put on braces.

Process of getting braces

The process of putting on braces is common for everyone. You will have to visit the orthodontists and after the examination, the braces type will be decided. Then on the other appointment, the braces will put on teeth. Here is the complete procedure step by step

  1. An orthodontist will place the cheek retractor in the mouth. This device is placed in the mouth so that the dentist can see the teeth properly without any interference of lips.
  2. The next step is polishing teeth. It is done to stick the brackets on the teeth propel. Then the air dry of the mouth will take place.
  3. Then the conditioner applied to teeth for about 30 seconds. The cleaning of teeth will take place. It allows the brackets to bond together properly. The adhesive primer will apply to strengthen the bond.
  4. The next step is important as the brackets are placed on teeth. Firstly, the cement is applied to the brackets and then they are placed on your teeth. When the brackets are put on then the extra cement is removed. Now the cement is hardened using a special light.
  5. The brackets will connect using the archwires and the rubber bands. Then the retractor removed from the mouth. The elastic bands used to secure the connection of archwires and brackets.

Patients may feel the taste of glue after getting the braces. Also, they may feel some discomfort. But it is a common process and patients have to go through it. Also if they do not want to get the metallic braces on their teeth then they can opt for clear aligners. The aligners are almost invisible to others and adults prefer these retainers like substance on their teeth rather than cemented metallic braces. If you choose the aligners for your treatment then the complete procedure will take less than an hour.

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What to expect when you put on braces?

The first day after getting braces is quite painful for many patients. Extra care for the braces should recommend. In some cases, the wax is applied to the brackets to protect cheeks against hurting. Also, the initial adjustment will make your teeth and mouth sore. Moreover, the regular adjustments tighten and pressurize the teeth to move in the respective direction. The orthodontists will also look at the progress and will take action in the direction of getting the results properly.


The orthodontic treatment is the basic need of misaligned teeth. People worried about the pain of getting braces on the teeth should not drop braces treatment. There may be some issues but they will get used to the braces. As a result, the straighten teeth will make their pain worth. However, the time consumed for putting the braces on teeth is very less. The time may depend on the type of braces as well as the patient. If you have a problem with metallic braces then you can put the clear aligners for your treatment. Contact your orthodontic and get the aligners on your teeth in a few minutes.


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