How to Detect a Dental Emergency Immediately?

Encountering a dental emergency is not something common. However, there are some factors that may lead to you encountering them. A dental emergency in adults usually occurs from the constant use of braces. Like every other unexpected problem, this is something that may have a serious effect on your oral health. Hence, it is important that you manage the problem well, or else it could lead to an orthodontic emergency. 

With braces, if they do not function well or misbehave, giving you problems, you must find an orthodontist. You have to make sure you find a specialist who has gone through orthodontist education and has certificates showing they went through orthodontic continuing education. Such emergencies are common in people who wear braces, face problems, because of poor care of their braces. 

Wearing braces, dental emergencies may occur with a broken bracket or a broken ligature. This will cause the wires to become loose, and the patient would feel pain and discomfort. If you feel you aren’t being able to manage the orthodontic problem, consult an expert as soon as possible.

Can Orthodontist Education Guide Orthodontists on Emergencies?

As a general dentist or an orthodontist, when experts keep up with the latest changes in the dental world, it helps in many ways. As each day passes, experts try their best to work round the clock to upgrade their knowledge in the latest techniques and treatment options for the patients that need proper treatment wearing braces or clear aligners. In orthodontics, dentists must refine and polish their skills frequently, and this where orthodontic continuing education plays an important role. 

It is advisable that dentists attend Gerety Orthodontic Seminars, which should give them a better chance of keeping up with the latest changes and skills. This will not only help them make a difference in the lives of their patients but let them attend a broader case range. 

As an orthodontist, when you enroll in continuing education, it will prove to be a worthwhile decision. It will equip the general dentist with what to expect in the case of a dental emergency. Learn how to tackle an emergency case that walks into your clinic. When attending to an emergency, make sure you treat the problem within the week. 

Here are the common dental emergency cases you will encounter. 

Know the Causes

The main cause of an orthodontic emergency often includes an injury or trauma to the mouth or face. Sometimes, it causes infections or swelling in the mouth. This is something you should not ignore as a patient. If the pain intensity is much or the discomfort is unmanageable, you shouldn’t waste time and visit a specialist right away. 

Regardless of the intensity of the problem, you have to seek the help of experts. This will serve as a guarantee that you get the right solution to the problem through the best treatment plans. 

The common orthodontic emergency problems include:

Misplaced Dental Brackets

When wearing metal braces, the teeth reposition themselves and grow to take a new shape. At such times, there’s a higher chance that the wires that connect the braces will only cause irritation and the cheek’s inner section to become rough (since the wires may protrude). These wires could also poke the back section of the mouth. You can use a Q-tip or a pencil eraser to reposition the brackets. If it doesn’t move, a nail clipper could work to cut the end. 

Patients should wait and then consult experts before trying any precautionary measures on their own. Tweezers can work too, but if you aren’t sure, just visit a specialist or the problem could become serious.

Loss of Teeth

Most patients who wear dental appliances complain that their teeth are loose. This is a healthy sign since it shows that the teeth are moving. Sometimes, the teeth movement causes tenderness and soreness. For soreness, patients can take some painkillers. It is advisable that patients rinse their mouth with warm water as well as a teaspoon of salt added to it. For relief, consider using heating pads. 

Broken Braces

Some dental emergencies occur when patients do not take proper care and consume sticky food or candy. Some patients play with metal wires. When this happens, the best solution is to leave the braces as they are and avoid touching it. If the irritation persists, orthodontic wax may be a good solution. Patients who feel their teeth are not in the best condition or have an orthodontic emergency should seek the help of experts in their area. Consult an orthodontist who has gone through orthodontist education. You should feel free to give them a clear picture of the problems you are facing, and this will help them to create a good treatment plan.

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