These 3 states plan to import prescription medications from Canada; will more tag along?


“Seeking a solution to the soaring costs of drugs, Colorado, Florida and Vermont are making plans to import medications from Canada, where prescriptions are cheaper. The states’ plans are in their infancy. But they signal how frustration among consumers — especially those shouldering greater portions of their health bills through high-deductible health plans — is putting pressure on federal and state officials”

Does America need to stop subsidizing the drug industry’s worldwide pricing? Drugs cost less than 1/10th as much outside the US as they do here because as a nation we are too weak to stand up to the Rx industry. 

With prices so high, individual Americans are more open to buying drugs from Canada, anyway — some have for decades been driving over the border, using online pharmacies, or going into storefronts that connect buyers to pharmacies in Canada and other countries. Although these strategies are technically illegal, the government does not prosecute individual offenders. Nor has it moved to stop the dozens of cities, counties, and school districts across the United States who have programs for employees to buy drugs from Canada and other countries.