What you need to know about importing drugs from Canada?

“Ensuring that Canadians have access to the medicines they need is one of our top priorities: we constantly monitor Canada’s drug supply, will be working closely with health experts to better understand the implications for Canadians and will ensure there are no adverse effects to the supply or cost of prescription drugs in Canada, the ministry wrote.

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Questions that aren’t answered:

1. What kind of medications will be imported?

2. Does this plan have the potential to save money?

3. How soon will these acquired medications be made available?

4. Will there be a shortage of supply for the Canadians?

5. And last but not least, will this be safe?

“The American Medical Association, the nation’s top doctors group, has said it supports in-person importation but has opposed importation over the internet.”

The American president’s decision to acquire low-cost drugs from Canada is a no-brainer. However, healthcare is twisted in many ways.

Well, one thing is clear that patients in Canada can acquire similar drugs manufactured by the same company at a considerably lower price.

Almost 80% of the United States said in a recently conducted interview that they are in favor of acquiring medications from Canada.

Story via – https://www.statnews.com/2019/07/31/everything-about-importing-drugs-from-canada/


2 thoughts on “What you need to know about importing drugs from Canada?

  1. I agree: higher drug costs in the US is what sustains all the swash-bucklers in the US health care system (middlemen, PBMs, lobbyists, kickbacks, etc). If those are eliminated, drug prices can and will come down – substantially. It is the system that is the Big Disease in the US, and patients pay dearly for it all. It would be smart to study and copy what makes the neighbor so successful.


  2. The enormous work that the government does for the health care of Canadians–funded by boatloads from taxpayers ‘ money–makes medication (and health care in general) much less costly within Canada. Compared to the chaos infected by lobbyists in America, pharmaceutical money is a much higher system where politicians can buy and make healthcare unreasonable for a large part of the American population. As long as there are so many profiteers in the US “health care” system taking their piece of the pie, any health care item will be much more expensive in the US as compared to other nations including Canada. The US should aim at duplicating success stories from other nations and not plan ahead.


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